Sunday, November 30, 2008


Welcome Friends and Newcomers to Spotted Moose Jewels. Soon I will add pictures and descriptions of the jewlery I create. I make earrings, bracelettes, necklaces and pins. I also create custom pieces from your own specifications.

I know the pictures are the greatest, but, I have gotten some great tips from friends Dcup and Sir Robin. With the help that they gave me I will try and post better photos.

I take custom orders. I would need to know the following:

Large, medium or small

Silver, Gold, Copper or Brass

Style of earrings, ie chandelier or drop

Color of beads and/or crystals

With this information I can create a unique pair of earrings just for you.

Prices: $3.00 for small $5.00 for medium and $7.00 and up for large
Plus $2.00 for postage.

I deleted all the sold earrings, but, I will be posting new pictures soon.


Anonymous said...


Those are really gorgeous, Linda. I'm glad you've got your site up.

Bob said...

What DCup said.

Excellent work. :)

pidomon said...

very nice!

kkryno said...

I'd like to put a badge up at my place for Spotted Moose.

I know my friend is going to love her new earrings!

I'll be sure to do a link for it in my next post.

I'm so happy it's up now. :0)

linda said...

ooooo, linda....these are so very beautiful!! I don't really wear earrings so are you going to be putting up any other types of pieces eventually, like bracelets or necklaces? pins are lots of fun do beautiful work from what I can see....good pics too :)

still waitin' on the soup, dearie...

Utah Savage said...

Lovely. I have tried and tried to photo mine, and the only way for me would require a tripod, other than wearing then and that means I risk being seen in my decrepitude. Or else I'd have to take a shower, fix my hair...

These are lovely.

Pagan Sphinx said...

How do I get some like Dcup's? ;-)